Free security film. Limited time only!

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Limited time only! We will cover the cost of your upgrade. Call us today! 407-628-TINT (8468) WTS has been ranked 5th in the country for residential safety and security film sales. We want to earn the top spot and we only have through the rest of the December to make our way to the

Black Friday Sale!! Huge savings on 3M automotive and residential window tint!

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We haven't ever offered a sale like this before! Do not miss out on these huge savings opportunities!  Since WTS is a company with strong family values, we will be closed for business on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday to offer our team time to spend an extended holiday weekend with their families and

Keep danger out. Protect your property on a budget with 3M Window Film.

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Burglar, robber, intruder, smash and grab, forced entry, breaking and entering, prowler, thief, invasion, looting, break in, theft, stick up, crime, stealing. Do the above words scare you? Are you an easy target? What have you done to protect your home or business? The holidays are right around the corner, although that time of

How your business can save money every month!

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Commercial Window Film: A one time investment that will continue to save your business money every month. Commercial window film can offer many benefits to your work place. Installing commercial window film on your windows will instantly save you money, improve the comfort of your work environment. provide protection for your business' interior investments,

Spontaneous Glass Breakage.

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Get ahead of glass breakage. Can the glass in your building spontaneously explode jeopardizing your building's safety and potentially putting employees and guests in harms way? Yes it can. Learn the causes of spontaneous glass breakage and how to protect your property and the people in it. What causes spontaneous