Black Friday Sale!! Huge savings on 3M automotive and residential window tint!

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We haven't ever offered a sale like this before! Do not miss out on these huge savings opportunities!  Since WTS is a company with strong family values, we will be closed for business on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday to offer our team time to spend an extended holiday weekend with their families and

WTS 2018 Re brand.

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Old ways won't open new doors. Over the last 14 years WTS has experienced consistent growth, has become, and has remained a leader in the window film industry not only across the state of Florida but across the country. Throughout the years and throughout our expansions our goal has always been

Meet Casper.

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Meet Casper. Transparency is everything, but so is confidentiality. WTS is now offering Casper Cloaking technology. Casper Cloaking Film is the first and only of its kind. This is a window film for glass walls that obscures digital screens to the outside view and acts as a smart shield to ensure data privacy. You