Keep danger out. Protect your property on a budget with 3M Window Film.

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Do the above words scare you? Are you an easy target? What have you done to protect your home or business? The holidays are right around the corner, although that time of year is marked as “Tis’ the season for giving”, we all know too well, criminals see the holidays as a prime opportunity to prey, it’s their season for taking. There are often new and expensive items in our homes, homeowners are out of town for extended periods of time, and businesses are operating under extended late night holiday hours. When sound of a security alarm may not be enough, WTS offers a variety of 3M safety and security window film options that can increase the strength of your windows in the event of an attempted break in at your home or business.

Protect your family and your valuables. Give yourself a piece of mind.

Keep danger out.

Our 3M safety and security window films can protect your property on a budget. Window film is a cost effective and immediate solution to increasing security on your property’s most vulnerable entry points by holding glass in place when it becomes shattered. This leads to increased time and effort by the intruder to be able to enter your property, hopefully deterring them from entering at all.

You can rely on us.

Not only will our 3M safety and security window films hold glass in place protecting your family, employees, and property, but our 3M window film selections are backed by a comprehensive 3M warranty. Your purchase is protected as well as what’s most important to you in your home and your business. WTS offers FREE consultations. Our team is thoroughly trained to provide you with answers to any questions you may have.

Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation. Ask about our special holiday pricing for installations scheduled before November 15, 2018.