Spontaneous Glass Breakage.

Get ahead of glass breakage.

Can the glass in your building spontaneously explode jeopardizing your building’s safety and potentially putting employees and guests in harms way? Yes it can. Learn the causes of spontaneous glass breakage and how to protect your property and the people in it.

What causes spontaneous glass explosions?

Tempered safety glass is routinely used because it’s stronger than standard glass, but it also presents the risk of spontaneous glass breakage. Many different factors can play a role in glass explosion; poor edge quality, thermal stress frame related breakage, or glass impurities such as nickle sulfide inclusions. Tempered glass fragments tend to be less sharp, falling shards of glass, or the elimination of a protection barrier such as a glass railing can present major safety risks.

Protect people and property. 

You can provide protection to people and property by using our 3M Safety Window Films to secure the broken glass within the frame and prevent glass fragments from falling from windows, balconies, and guardrails. Our 3M Safety Window Film series will provide you with protection inside and out. Tempered glass is used in many interior applications like elevators, banisters, guard rails, and even shower doors. It’s also commonly used for the exterior pane of double pane glass windows. Many of the architectural glass designs, while visually appealing, pose a spontaneous glass breakage safety risk. Our 3M Safety Window Films can minimize these hazards at a fraction of the cost of replacing tempered glass. The team at Window Tint Specialists can help you through out the decision making process to find the best film to fit your needs. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.