How your business can save money every month!

Commercial Window Film: A one time investment that will continue to save your business money every month.

Commercial window film can offer many benefits to your work place. Installing commercial window film on your windows will instantly save you money, improve the comfort of your work environment. provide protection for your business’ interior investments, enhance your building’s aesthetics, and increase safety and security for your employees and guests.

Saved money = Profit

Lower energy and operating costs:

  • Enjoy up to 15 degrees saved temperature from the window film itself resulting in energy cost savings on air conditioning.
  • Lower energy and operating costs each month.
  • 99% rejection of damaging UV rays
  • Reduce 85% of the incoming heat from the sun
  • Reduce 95% of glare from the sun
  • Soften the light, balance the temperature, and maintain a comfortable work environment year round.

Interior protection:

  • UV light and heat can be destructive to merchandise, furniture, carpet, window treatments, and equipment. Commercial window tint can protect your investments by rejecting 99% of damaging UV rays, helping protect your investments so they last longer.

Site beautification:

  • Keep a professional appearance on your windows and doors with commercial window tint.
  • Enhance the aesthetics of the exterior and interior of your building to make the best impression.
  • We offer a large selection of sun control window film, safety and security window film, and custom decorative window film to suit the needs of almost any environment.

Increase safety and security:

  • Glass doors and windows can be the most vulnerable part of your building; A safe work environment should be top priority.
  • Reduce the chances of burglary, property damage, and even personal injury.
  • Security window films create a strong barrier that has the potential to slow down or stop a break in.
  • Security window films help hold glass in place if shattered and prevent the glass from injuring bystanders.
  • You can combine safety and security films with any of our 3M commercial window films to enhance safety as well as enjoy the benefits of our sun control and decorative films.

The team at WTS is trained and certified to answer your questions and provide you with any advice needed to make a decision on purchasing the best window film to fit the needs of your business. We are here for you from the consultation, through the installation, and after to answer any questions you may have about your window film choice, proper care, and warranty information. We pride ourselves in giving every customer exceptional service. If you’d like to schedule a consultation you can call our office, or simply fill out the consultation request on our website and someone from the WTS team will be in touch with you ASAP.