Get Windows that Outlast a Blast.

Security window film: An immediate and cost effective solution to increasing security at your hotel, home, or office.

In the wake of recent events hotels, schools, businesses and homeowners are looking to increase security. Our residential and commercial 3M Security Window Film and 3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems are solutions that can offer you protection by holding glass together in the event of breakage. These window film solutions can be customized to fit each property’s needs.

Get windows that out last a blast. Reduce your risk by reinforcing your windows.

Glass doors and ground floor windows are easy targets for intruders causing your home or business to be vulnerable. In schools, government buildings, and large commercial businesses bomb threats and spontaneous glass explosions are everyday risks.

Our residential and commercial 3M Security Window FIlm series will:

* Help guard against active shooter events

* Help protect people and property

* Keep the welcoming appearance of your property

* Fortify all glass doors and windows

* Reduce glass related injuries

* Gain additional protection from blasts

* Help prevent glass shards from becoming dangerous projectiles