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Limited time only! We will cover the cost of your upgrade. Call us today!

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WTS has been ranked 5th in the country for residential safety and security film sales. We want to earn the top spot and we only have through the rest of the December to make our way to the top, so we are upgrading ALL residential solar film installations to security film for FREE through the month of December. This means you save over 25% on your window film installation AND you’re adding additional protection to your home. This offer is valid on residential installations only.

Get protected and save money today!

Our 3M Security Window Film is a cost effective and immediate solution to increase security at your home. Protect your home’s vulnerable entry points; Glass front doors, large first floor windows, large sliding glass doors. 3M Security Film will hold glass in place if it were to become shattered if an intruder attempted to gain access to your home, increasing the amount of time it would take to enter your home.

You can rely on us.

Our 3M Window Film is backed by a comprehensive warranty. Your purchase is protected, as well as your home and your family. If you already have a quote from us, we will upgrade your solar film to security film for the same price. Call us today to schedule your installation. Need a quote? Our consultations are FREE. Receive a quote for the 3M solar film of your choice, upgrade to security film at no additional cost. Call today to schedule a consultation.